Beer by Design (CAMRA Books, 2020) is the first of its kind – a look at the stories and rationale behind the design and packaging of some of the UK’s best beer brands.

To have featured every great design we found, and to tell all the stories that the hundreds of breweries and designers shared, we’d have had to run to over 1000 pages. So we set up this blog to share more of those stories and showcase the exciting new projects that are launching pretty much every week.

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Oh Yes It Is.

Let’s face it, this is a specific season to be very fucking jolly. No-one is having Christmas as usual but it doesn’t mean we can’t have a thoroughly enjoyable one, albeit with Zoom providing more of the festivities than Aunty Gladys after she’s been at the sherry. We’ll be featuring some Christmas specials – beers,Continue reading “Oh Yes It Is.”


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