Featured brewery: Canopy Brew Co.

We fell in love with the bonkers fantasy creatures that sit (and stand and dance) at the heart of the Canopy Brew Co brand design. So we asked co-founder Estelle Theobalds about the story behind the images and were delighted to know that the story goes deeper than just the can design. The company’s mottoContinue reading “Featured brewery: Canopy Brew Co.”

Featured brewer: Jane Frances le Blond, Mothership

A few decades ago, you couldn’t move for scantily clad women adorning pumpclips and bottles, yet today there’s – probably unsurprisingly – very little female imagery featured in beer design. Then we found Mothership, who’ve subverted old sexist tropes by featuring incredible, powerful, game-changing women in their branding. This is a brewery with inclusivity rightContinue reading “Featured brewer: Jane Frances le Blond, Mothership”

Featured brand: Harvey’s. We wunt be druv.

We didn’t need the Anchor rebranding fiasco to tell us what we already knew. Rebranding a beloved beer brand is much tougher than setting up a brewery and creating a brand from scratch. When even your current yeast is older than Beavertown, Brewdog, Camden Town and a few more of the bigger players put together,Continue reading “Featured brand: Harvey’s. We wunt be druv.”

Oh Yes It Is.

Let’s face it, this is a specific season to be very fucking jolly. No-one is having Christmas as usual but it doesn’t mean we can’t have a thoroughly enjoyable one, albeit with Zoom providing more of the festivities than Aunty Gladys after she’s been at the sherry. We’ll be featuring some Christmas specials – beers,Continue reading “Oh Yes It Is.”