Featured Artist: Kev Grey, Black Iris

One of the greatest joys of researching for Beer by Design was one half of us (Liz) discovering new breweries and beer brands that the other half (Pete) knew about but had kept to himself. Black Iris was a zinger of a discovery – a cacophony of black & white illustration packed with character andContinue reading “Featured Artist: Kev Grey, Black Iris”

Featured brewery: Canopy Brew Co.

We fell in love with the bonkers fantasy creatures that sit (and stand and dance) at the heart of the Canopy Brew Co brand design. So we asked co-founder Estelle Theobalds about the story behind the images and were delighted to know that the story goes deeper than just the can design. The company’s mottoContinue reading “Featured brewery: Canopy Brew Co.”

Featured brewer: Jane Frances le Blond, Mothership

A few decades ago, you couldn’t move for scantily clad women adorning pumpclips and bottles, yet today there’s – probably unsurprisingly – very little female imagery featured in beer design. Then we found Mothership, who’ve subverted old sexist tropes by featuring incredible, powerful, game-changing women in their branding. This is a brewery with inclusivity rightContinue reading “Featured brewer: Jane Frances le Blond, Mothership”

Featured designer: Tom Moore, New Bristol Brewery.

We love a gorilla in a spacesuit as much as the next person, so when we saw the New Bristol Brewery range of beer cans we inevitably wanted to know more. Freelance designer – and gorilla-wrangler – Tom Moore talks about some of his design influences and how he’s helped the brewery’s founders Maria andContinue reading “Featured designer: Tom Moore, New Bristol Brewery.”

Featured brewer: Dave Stone, Wylam Brewery

Dave Stone, head honcho at Wylam Brewery has lots of opinions, many of which we agree with (see above). For him, beer was a logical move from his previous career in the music industry, but once you’ve got music in your bones, there’s no getting away from it. As part of the research for BeerContinue reading “Featured brewer: Dave Stone, Wylam Brewery”

Featured Designer: Harry Archer, Solvay Society

Solvay Society featured in the ‘typography’ section of Beer by Design because of the clever way the name of the beer uses a different typeface to suggest the character and personality of the beer inside. But there’s a lot more to the design story than that. We caught up with freelance designer Harry Archer toContinue reading “Featured Designer: Harry Archer, Solvay Society”

His name’s Alan but we call him Ed.

Editors absorb a lot of the stress that’s created by writing a book. Authors crashing into deadlines, designers careering into even worse deadlines, a budget spreadsheet that has to keep everyone happy and, this year, the impact of Covid-19 on all that. Alan Murphy, the editor who wrangled Beer By Design from a germ ofContinue reading “His name’s Alan but we call him Ed.”