The book

Beer by Design is a lockdown book conceived, researched, written, produced and printed whilst Covid-19 was rampaging across Europe. Breweries large and small were struggling to navigate the effects on their businesses, so particular thanks must go to the literally hundreds of people who – as well as trying to keep their breweries running – responded so enthusiastically to increasingly urgent requests for images of their beers, detailed explanations of their design strategy and then even more requests for even more images. We salute you.

Beer by Design is a celebration of the power of great design. It says a lot for the industry that a beer brand is probably one of the most exciting briefs a designer can work on these days. With great stories to tell, an ever-evolving product to showcase and an ever-growing, discerning audience to win over, beer cans, bottles and pumpclips have become an exciting canvas on which to build a great brand.

And whether your favourite brewery has worked with an international design agency, a favourite illustrator or their mate who’s a whizz with InDesign, the designs featured in the book represent the very best of beer design in the UK today.

Inevitably we couldn’t include everyone. We included beers regularly seen on the shelves of the average high street beer outlet, so some international brands are featured, while others we loved had to take a back seat to accommodate smaller UK breweries.

We hope you enjoy it.

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